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Your #GivingTuesday 2019 donation to Bridge Communities will be MATCHED!

November 12, 2019
Man standing with his children many of our families come into Bridge Communities with so much trauma and so little hope.

That was the case for the K family, a single mom of three boys, suddenly homeless when they escaped a life of abuse. Friends like you supported #GivingTuesday in 2018 and brought K and her boys into the safety of a Bridge apartment.

In honor of #GivingTuesday 2019 (December 3), will you help the next homeless family that knocks on our door, in desperate need of help?

Your support will change everything for a homeless family. And Engineering Systems Inc. will match the first $7,000 in #GivingTuesday donations in 2019!

You’ll double your impact for a homeless family by making a #GivingTuesday gift today.

You see, K knew that in Bridge, they’d have a roof over their heads–but she had no idea all the care and support you would generously provide to her family.

Because of #GivingTuesday donations to Bridge, they have mentors who care. Her children have received tutoring in school and ACT prep courses. Her oldest boys just toured Northern Illinois University with Bridge, and are now more determined than ever to work hard in school and get into college.

You’re not just helping K’s family today–you’re creating a better tomorrow for them.

Says K:

Not only are we safe and sound, already I see a difference in my children’s grades and well-being. With their mentor program and case manager guidance, my family is always on task and ready for the next goal. 

I count on Bridge to help bridge the gaps for my family, and they have never let me down. 

Bridge supporters, I thank you, the staff, my case manager Molly and all of my wonderful mentors for everything you do to make my life fulfilled and provide safety and shelter for us, so we can transition to self-sufficiency in the future.”

We have a big goal for #GivingTuesday 2019: To raise $25,620, which is enough to support two homeless families for a whole year. Will you help us reach this goal and bring two homeless families in from the cold?

Thank you for being a friend to the homeless families of Bridge Communities!

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