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You Can Put a Bridge Family On the Road to Success

February 20, 2019
Car Donation 2019

When Nancy’s* family came to Bridge Communities last fall, they were homeless and desperate for safe housing.

     Your generosity helped us welcome them to the Bridge family with open arms and provide them with their own apartment–thank you!

     But that’s not all. You see, the family came to us with almost no belongings–not even a car. Nancy had no way to get a job, nor to get her two kids to school and daycare. We weren’t sure how they’d be able to succeed at Bridge without reliable transportation.

     Then, a generous supporter donated a used car to their family–and changed their lives forever!

     Today, Nancy is a superstar in the Bridge program and at her full-time job. Each and every day, she is so thankful to have a car to keep her on the road to success.

     At this moment there are 11 Bridge families, just like Nancy’s family, on the waiting list for a reliable vehicle. Will you donate your used car to Bridge and change their lives forever?

     It’s easy to donate your used car to Bridge Communities. It’s tax-deductible, and you can also be proud to know that your car will go directly to a homeless family working toward a brighter future.

     To learn how to donate your car to a Bridge family, please click here, call Paul Matthews at 630-403-5104, or e-mail

     Thank you for putting a Bridge family on the road to success!
*Name has been changed for privacy
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