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Hope and healing: Ambar’s story

December 11, 2018
Ambar headerWhen you support Bridge Communities, you are giving homeless families much more than an apartment. You are giving them everything they need to heal from the traumas of abuse and homelessness.

So today, we’d like to tell you about Ambar, who could use your help more than ever.

For years, she had suffered from abuse both at home and in the workplace. Ambar soldiered on in order to provide for her two children. But when she lost her job–and soon after, her housing–it was more than she could take.

She was desperate. Numb. And alone.

But friends just like you changed Ambar’s life when she was welcomed into Bridge Communities.

In the months that Ambar has been in Bridge, she has worked hard to heal from years of trauma–and she is succeeding thanks to the support from friends in our community. Says Ambar, “Believing that no one would harm me has been so hard because I haven’t trusted anyone for a long time.”

Today, Ambar is on a great path forward. She now has a job where she is valued and respected. And she and her children have grown closer as a family.

But she has many months ahead of her before she’ll be ready to graduate from Bridge. And it’s only with your help that Ambar can cross the finish line.

Ambar and her children need you. Please make a gift to Bridge Communities today, and end homelessness for Ambar and 130+ homeless families this year.

“Most people would only say thank you, but my way of being grateful is by succeeding,” Ambar says.

We have no doubt that Ambar is strong and determined enough to succeed. And with your help, she will graduate to a home of her own.

Thank you for giving Ambar the opportunity to spread her wings and take flight.
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