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“I am so thankful now”: Kristen’s Story

May 10, 2018

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Can you imagine what it would be like to be torn apart from your young child—leaving them night after night because you have no safe place to stay?

Kristen knows just how that feels — because that was how her life was, for months on end. Last year, Kristen was homeless and exhausted, out of money and out of steam. She felt hopeless.

Her brother offered to let her daughter Audrey stay with him, but there wasn’t room for Kristen—so she had to make the unbearable decision to separate from Audrey. “I felt awful to leave her night after night. There were times I slept in my car, in the parking lot, just to be close to her.”

Then, you helped bring Kristen and Audrey back together under one roof and welcomed them into Bridge Communities. Thank you!

Kristen is off to a great start—but she has a long road ahead of her, and lots to learn before she can make it on her own. And that can only happen with your support.

Recently, Kristen was an all-star at our employment workshop, and we saw her confidence soar. Then, she went through career assessment testing, and scored off the charts. She found that she has fantastic technical and math skills, and is now pursuing a career in IT. Kristen just started a course to earn Microsoft and Cisco certifications.

“Looking back, it was so hard to live through those months homeless and separated from Audrey, but going through that time pushed me to do better,” says Kristen. “I am so thankful now, and I have a concrete plan for my future.”

You can help Kristen and Audrey achieve that bright and beautiful future. Please make a donation in their honor today.

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