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Pearls of Wisdom: The Bridge Communities Staff

April 30, 2018

Bridge Communities is fortunate to have many longtime members of our staff–many of whom started as a mentor, program partner or volunteer. In our newest “Pearls of Wisdom” video, Bridge’s longtime staff members share what the organization means to them.

Paul Matthew: “Bridge Communities means an opportunity for families to get a second chance.”

Vicky Joseph: “What we do here at Bridge is life-altering. A family who’s been in their most precarious situation in their lives can come out of this program with a secure future.”

Tom Thiltgen: “Bridge provides so much hope for the families that come to us, families who may have felt that there’s nothing else ever that’s going to happen that’s good in their lives, and Bridge provides tremendous hope for their future.” 

Molly Howieson: “Bridge Communities has been my life’s work.”

Suzanne Thibeault: “Bridge Communities means to me relationships. That’s what our clients say. That’s what I feel.”

Amy Van Polen: “I believe deeply that the reason that Bridge exists is to bring persons of all different faiths and backgrounds together to create a stronger community.”

Margo Matthew: “Bridge means to me connecting people in our community to each other.”

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