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Pearls of Wisdom: Sue Martin

March 30, 2018

Sue Martin fondly remembers the earliest days of Bridge Communities and the humble beginnings. Working in banking, Sue volunteered to become the first Treasurer for Bridge, eventually becoming a mentor and helping to nurture the organization during its early years.

When asked, “What inspires you most about Bridge?” Sue replied, “That two people – two regular guys, could see that something needed fixing. That something wasn’t right with people being homeless; that they could decide to make a difference and fix the problem, and then they actually did it.”

One of her favorite, earliest memories is of Mark Milligan coming to visit with her and sitting on her porch, during some of her most challenging and frustrating mentor moments. After Sue expressed frustration with her client’s progress, she remembers that Mark wisely told her, “It wasn’t about the change I could make in her – it was about the change she would make in me.”

Sue understands the solution is not an easy fix; that it takes a Village to help people succeed. And now she feels, because the organization is so well run, it helps many people at a time – not just one apartment at a time.

Sue knows first-hand, that Bridge brings all different kinds of people together to help those in need. Whatever your thing is – your passion or skill – there’s something to do.

Sue’s message to Mark Milligan:

“Thank you for what you have done for me. I love you. Mark changes lives. He does that…”

Thank you to 30th Anniversary Committee Volunteers Lisa Sallwasser and Geoff Bevington, and to our 30th Anniversary Media Sponsor Compass Mortgage!

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