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Pearls of Wisdom from the Supporters of Bridge Communities: Jack Flowers

February 2, 2018

30Yearslogo2018 marks Bridge Communities’ 30th anniversary year, and we have lots in store to share with you this year. Alongside our special events and celebrations, we will also share “Pearls of Wisdom” stories each month, which will feature a different longtime friend, supporter, volunteer or graduate from Bridge Communities.

We are honored that our first “Pearl of Wisdom” story is of Jack Flowers. Read on to learn more about his journey with Bridge Communities!

Jack Flowers has been involved with Bridge as a program partner from St. Peter and Paul Parish Catholic Church in Naperville for the past 20 years. Jack has been a mentor, manager, believer, thinker, fundraiser, doer and champion of Bridge Communities’ mission, organization and families.

He attributes the 30-year accomplishments of Bridge to the driving forces behind the mission, in particular the work by Mark Milligan. According to Jack, “He and Bob had a vision. A lot of us have visions, but to carry it to the point that he did is successful. He’s an inspiration to me and it shows that given the time and dedication, people can achieve so much good. You can get things done. You can accomplish far more than you ever imagined.”

Jack still stays in touch and exchanges Christmas presents with former clients, and relishes in their accomplishments of independence, education and successes at supporting their families and learning viable skills. “My goal is that the children in the program end up in a better position than when they came in,” Jack says. “Two years of stability, two years of the Naperville schools, two years of having your own bedroom and apartment makes a huge difference. So my satisfaction and reward is seeing these kids growing up now.”

Most importantly, Jack feels that Bridge has given him the compassion, empathy and respect for those in need, that he didn’t have before he became a volunteer. “The major thing when I talk about being a mentor is compassion,” he says.

Jack’s 30th anniversary wish for Bridge:

“Continue the good work that you do. Continue with a great attitude. Life is all about attitude, and I think Bridge has the right attitude for what it does for people. Without that kind of attitude, the organization would fall apart. So keep up how you look at people, yourselves, your clients, your mentors, your program partners and just be accountable like you are in a very possible way.”

Special thanks to our 30th Anniversary Committee Volunteers Lisa Sallwasser and Geoff Bevington, and to our 30th Anniversary Media Sponsor Compass Mortgage. 

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