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You are changing Kate’s life! Read on in our Connections Spring Newsletter

May 9, 2017

2016 Kate M  When Kate first approached Bridge Communities, her life was in shambles. She had just escaped from an abusive husband. She was barely scraping by, desperate to support her twin babies and her parents on a part-time retail job salary.

     She was running out of time. But you saved her from despair and homelessness.

Because of friends like you, Kate is more confident than she’s ever been. She’s found rewarding full-time work and is on a path to homeownership. Read more in our Connections newsletter–you won’t want to miss her courageous story!

In this issue, you’ll also learn about great programs for Bridge kids, including art classes and birthday boxes; how Bridge families are recovering from trauma with help from Samaracare and Metropolitan Family Services; and how the Edward-Elmhurst Health HR team is boosting the skills and confidence of our clientele.

We are so fortunate to live in this community, where people care about each other and help one another succeed. And Bridge families can’t succeed without the help of our community partners, our volunteers, and you.

Please consider making a gift toward Bridge families working to break the cycle of homelessness forever.

Thank you for being a treasured friend of Bridge Communities. Never doubt that you are making a difference to Kate, and to the 130 families you’re saving from homelessness this year.

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