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Beatrice’s Bridge Communities Story: The Conclusion

December 19, 2016
beatrice_cropIt was hard to balance work, school and family, but Naya was always my strength. She has always been happy, always strong. And she gave me the strength to do what I needed to improve myself. I know that everything I do, it’s for her.”

     Beatrice had been working her way through nursing school and caring for her daughter Naya when her parents told her she had to move out of the house.

     She was on the verge of homelessness and terrified. But you brought Beatrice and Naya into Bridge Communities. And they are forever grateful.
Beatrice worked hard to learn how to budget and save. She attended Bridge’s job readiness classes. She met with her mentors every week to keep herself on track. And she began to achieve her goals, one by one.

beatrice-3b     “While in the Bridge program, I graduated from school with my LPN in May 2014, right on track. I had been working at a senior living community, and once I passed my state boards, they started training me to stay on as a nurse. 

“Buying a home is what most people dream of, and this spring, I bought my first home: a townhouse, just 10 minutes away from my job.”

     There’s even more happy news for Beatrice:

      “Before I left the Bridge program, I went back to my parents’ house one day. What had happened between us two years before was a burden that I’d had to carry, and it wasn’t healthy. I asked for my dad’s forgiveness, and he started crying. He stated that I was his child and he loved me, and he asked for my forgiveness, too.

     “Being in Bridge Communities was a great opportunity that I really needed. My life wouldn’t be where it is now without Bridge, and it means a lot to me. I’m at such peace now. I’m just in a happy place and I’m so grateful.”

     Thank you for reading Beatrice’s remarkable story from homelessness to hope. There are 130+ homeless families in Bridge Communities, just like Beatrice, that you can help each year. Please make a donation in their honor at
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