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Beatrice’s Bridge Communities Story: Part 2

December 12, 2016
beatrice-2b“It was 9 AM on Christmas Eve when I had my last interview with Bridge Communities, and my life changed forever. We went over to the apartment, and I saw that it had 2 bedrooms. I just started crying. I couldn’t believe I was actually getting a 2-bedroom home. Without Bridge, I didn’t know how I was going to provide for Naya. It was a blessing to have this new space. And it was the best Christmas present ever.”

     Three years ago, Beatrice had been working her way through nursing school and caring for her baby daughter, when her parents told her she couldn’t live in their home anymore.

     She was about to become homeless. But friends like you stepped in and saved her.

    Currently, we have 9 families on our waiting list, just as scared as Beatrice was when she was praying to be accepted into the Bridge program.

     Will you please make a gift today to bring these families in from the cold this holiday season?

beatrice-3a_crop “My mentors told me, ‘Anyone can come through this program. What matters is what you do while you’re here.’ I knew my mentors would be there to support me, but my future was up to me. Because being in Bridge is what you make of it.

     “This is a great opportunity to better yourself. It’s hard to expose yourself and your personal issues. But my mentors were always pushing me to do better and helping me learn how to save. I needed to learn how to save enough so that I’d be able to successfully graduate from the program.”

      Beatrice is right–it isn’t easy to make it in the Bridge Communities program. It’s a lot of hard work. It requires vulnerability. But for the 130+ Bridge families that you save each year, it’s life-changing. And often, it’s their only chance to break the cycle of homelessness forever.

     Please keep an eye on this blog next Monday, December 19, when we share the remarkable conclusion of Beatrice’s story. (Or, is it only the beginning…?)

     Until then, please make a gift to Bridge Communities, and you’ll save 9 more families from homelessness this year. Because we can’t save them without you.
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