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Beatrice’s Bridge Communities Story: Part 1

December 5, 2016


“When my daughter Naya was 5 months old, I was working as a CNA and was also in nursing school. My dad gave us just a year to stay with them. At the end of that year, I was still in school, and on track to graduate. But he still told me we had to leave. With nowhere to go, I was about to become homeless.”

After Beatrice and Naya’s father split for good, Beatrice made the difficult decision to move back home. Her dad gave her a one-year deadline to move out. One year wasn’t enough, though.

Between working part-time, attending school and studying, she couldn’t make enough money to support herself and Naya. “I had prayed that my parents would give us just a few more months so I could finish school, but my dad wasn’t willing to do that,” Beatrice remembers. She was on the verge of homelessness.

 “I was trying so hard to find a place, just a room to rent, but I couldn’t find anything, and I didn’t have anyone to help. I knew staying in school was my only hope, because it was my only gateway to a better future. If I were to drop out, it would have been the end for us.”

Can you imagine what that must have felt like? To be so alone, so scared–and so close to achieving your goals, only to have them slip through your fingers?

But, Beatrice has grit. She’s stronger than you can imagine. And we’ll share the second part of her story on Monday, December 12.

If you have been considering making a donation to Bridge Communities, the time is now. Because Bridge families need you now more than ever. Please make a year-end donation in honor of Beatrice and the 130 families you’re saving from homelessness this year.

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