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Because of you, Kelly’s family is safe

October 17, 2016

kellyfamilyAs Kelly’s story shows, the living situation and security of a family can change in the blink of an eye.

After her divorce, Kelly and her three kids–Maddie, Kyle and Becca–were grateful to move into her brother’s house in Warrenville. A few years passed, life settled down, and Kelly even found love again.

Then, her brother planned to sell his home, and Kelly and her new fiance agreed to buy it. But, just days before the closing, she discovered her fiance’s infidelity. She broke off her engagement, but her troubles were far from over. Because soon, she and her children would have nowhere to live.

But, you gave them new hope when they found Bridge Communities.

Your generosity has given Kelly’s family a safe home, stability, and has even helped launch Kelly into a successful career. Read more about their inspiring story in our Fall Connections newsletter, and know that you played a major role in their success!

In this issue, you’ll also read about our latest graduate to own a Habitat for Humanity house; meet LRC volunteer Lisa Hjorth; learn more about Sleep Out Saturday on November 5, and more!

Because of you, 130+ homeless families have a safe haven with Bridge Communities in 2016, and will recover from the traumas caused by homelessness. Please consider making a gift so that the next 130 can recover, too. Thank you for being a friend to Bridge families when they need you the most.

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