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We’re proud to announce our scholarship recipients!

August 31, 2016
Ryan 1We are so happy to introduce you to two outstanding Bridge kids, Daniela and Ryan. As teenagers, they faced all the same challenges as their peers–but they had to deal with the unique struggles of homelessness, too.


It wasn’t easy. It was something no teenager should ever have to worry about.


But, once their families joined Bridge Communities, you gave them the tools they needed to succeed. They had a safe home, and could concentrate on getting back on track. And, this past spring, they both graduated from high school with flying colors!


There’s more: Because of your generosity, Daniela and Ryan each started college this fall with a $1,000 scholarship!


Ryan has just entered the freshman class of Bradley University as an International Business major, and Daniela has begun her studies at Concordia University, pursuing a BA in Health Care Management.
Your support means that Ryan and Daniela could persevere and overcome the challenges that came along with homelessness. Thank you for believing in them!

Daniela and Ryan are on the road to success, but there are still more than 200 Bridge kids that need your help this year. And, with the new school year starting, it’s the perfect time for you to get involved! You can volunteer as a tutor, help out with Kids’ Clubs at a Learning Resource Center, or make a gift so that more kids like Daniela and Ryan can break the cycle of homelessness.


If you’d like to get involved and connect more kids like Ryan and Daniela to a better and brighter future, please e-mail Jill Garbaliauskas, Director of Children’s Programs, at or call  815-955-9558.


Thank you again for transforming the futures of Ryan, Daniela and all Bridge children!
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