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Picture the impact you’ll make when you give to the next Bridge family

May 11, 2016
KathyandGirlsAt Bridge Communities, we’re proud of every goal that’s reached by each Bridge family. You’ve joined them along their journey and helped them achieve so much, and we’re delighted to share their successes with you.

Take Kathy and her girls–after finding a safe haven in a Bridge home, they’ve been able to rebuild their lives, step by step. Kathy went through the job readiness program and obtained a steady, full-time job in the health care field; her daughters received tutoring to get back on track in school; they’ve even learned organic gardening and improved their health. We’re pleased to announce that Kathy is working with Habitat for Humanity to purchase a home soon!

Kathy and her family couldn’t have achieved these goals without you. Will you help the next Bridge family that needs you?

PictureTheImpactImage So far this year, 16 more homeless families have found a home with Bridge. There are 30 more waiting for your help. When you make a gift, you will ensure that each one has a safe home and hope for their new future.

     You can double the impact you will make on a family like Kathy’s! As an added value to your gift, your donation will be matched through a grant from Community Memorial Foundation and Bridge Communities’ board of directors. You read that right; your donation–of any amount–will be doubled when you give by June 30, 2016.

     Says Kathy, “I really appreciate all that Bridge, my mentors and you have done to help me and my children. While there have been challenges, I always knew that you had our backs. Thank you.”

When we picture a great friend to Bridge Communities, we picture you. Thank you for being there when Bridge families need you the most.
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