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5 Reasons to Donate Your Used Car to Bridge Communities

February 29, 2016

carDid you know that Bridge Communities accepts used auto donations? If you’re looking to unload a car, here are five reasons why you should donate it to Bridge:

  1. It will go directly to a homeless family. We don’t sell your car and use the money to fund programs–we check the car for safety, then provide it to a Bridge family for their exclusive use.
  2.  Our partnership with Village Garage will keep this car running safely. For many years, our friends at Village Garage in Glen Ellyn have helped Bridge families by providing discounted care for their cars, ensuring that they can afford to stay safe on the road.
  3. A car is a necessity in DuPage County. Because there is very little public transportation throughout DuPage County, a car is often the only option for a Bridge family to get to work and school. Your donation can help a Bridge family meet their responsibilities.
  4. It’s tax-deductible. Your donated car may be eligible for a full tax deduction of the used car value!
  5. For Bridge families, transportation can make or break their success. Many families enter the Bridge program with old and unreliable cars. If a Bridge client can’t get to work because her car won’t start in the morning, she can’t keep her job–and she can’t provide for her kids. Your car donation can mean a world of difference for a Bridge family!

If you would like to discuss the benefits of donating your car to Bridge Communities, contact Tom Thiltgen at 630-545-0610 x14, or via e-mail at Thank you for keeping Bridge families on the road to success!

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