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Bridge children can’t Break the Cycle of Homelessness without YOU

December 30, 2015
Dec30 Collage_1

We believe, like you, that all children deserve the opportunity to reach their potential, and Bridge children are no different from anyone else’s in that respect. They deserve to wake up every morning in a safe home, go to school and eat dinner with their families every night. They deserve normalcy, consistency, security.

But, everyone knows that life is about a lot more than that, isn’t it?

It’s about Dylan bringing home his very first “A” on a math test, and proudly hanging it on the refrigerator.

It’s about watching Jorie, who was once too scared to speak, now confidently performing in the school talent show.

It’s about Angela making the basketball team, and not having to worry about the cost of the sports fees.

It’s about letting Angela, Dylan and Jorie be just like their peers that never experienced homelessness. It’s about teaching them to believe in themselves, and to know they are capable and worthy of achieving greatnessAnd it’s about giving families what they need to grow stronger, together.

I know you believe in the children of Bridge Communities, and that if we can give them these opportunities, then we should.

But, time is running out. In order to fully invest in these children, Bridge Communities needs to raise $262,000 by midnight tomorrow. Will you commit to help Bridge children Break the Cycle of Homelessness? You can make sure that all Bridge kids are connected to the future they deserve.

Let’s give Bridge children the opportunity to bounce back, stronger than ever. Please click here to make a gift in honor of the 230 Bridge children, because you are critical to their success.

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