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The Story of Jax, Part 2: A Happy Reunion

September 29, 2015

Jax1You may remember last fall, when we shared the story of Jax, the beloved border collie mix belonging to Lisa and her children, a Bridge family. While in Bridge, Jax couldn’t live in the apartment with them, so an outstanding volunteer named Karen stepped up to the plate and volunteered to foster Jax for the next two years.

We’re happy to report a beautiful conclusion to the story for everyone. Lisa has obtained a fantastic job and her kids are doing well in school. They have graduated out of Bridge Communities and just last month purchased a new house–complete with a large, fenced-in yard for Jax. He’s been reunited with their family, and the family couldn’t be happier. Plus, Karen is still near and dear to all of them.

Says Lisa, “I would just like to say how grateful I am to have found Bridge. I had the best case manager, mentors and sponsor. And my family is truly blessed to have met Karen and her family. Without them, I do not know where Jax would be today. They are such wonderful people to take on such a big task. Karen and her family are welcome in our home any time, and we want them to continue being a part of our life.”

Congratulations, Lisa and family–we’re thrilled for all of your successes, and that you and Jax are together again!


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