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Our Hero: Kristin Tauchen, Bridge supporter and LRC volunteer

January 27, 2015

KTauchen2_cropWhile Kristin Tauchen and her family lived in Minnesota for the past decade, they were active volunteers at an organization that provided transitional housing for the area’s homeless population. So, when they moved back to the western suburbs, they knew they eventually wanted to get involved in a similar organization.

“We were getting settled back in here, but that part of our lives was missing,” Kristin says. Last summer, she was preparing for her daughter’s 2nd birthday party, and knew she didn’t want to have all 75 guests show up with gifts. She did an internet search and came upon Bridge Communities’ Giving Party, and asked guests to instead bring gift cards and quarters to donate to Bridge families. The result was more than $900 in donations!

Soon after, she met with Bridge CEO John Hayner to discuss other ways that she and her family could help out at Bridge. It was obvious that volunteering to lead at Bridge’s Glendale Heights Learning Resource Center with the Kids’ Club would be a great fit. Kristin then met with the other volunteers and kids to see what kind of activities to plan. This year, they have already made duct tape crafts, and they’ll be decorating sugar cookies and making other crafts for Valentine’s Day. Kristin also plans to set up a supply closet of household items–paper towels, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc–at the LRC so that Bridge families can get items as needed.

“What I have come to learn is, I’m not sure it matters what activity we do—it’s more about the time we’re spending and the conversations we’re having with the kids,” Kristin says. “As soon as I walk in at 7 and see the kids smiling, it’s a good feeling. A big part of our life is now back.”

Interested in getting involved at a Bridge Learning Resource Center? Contact Sharon Drucker, Coordinator of Children’s Activities,

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