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Our Heroes: Alecia and Aidan

December 1, 2014

Alecia and Aidan are our heroes!

Alecia was in crisis when her fiancé walked out for good. “We were about to buy a townhouse, but the deal fell through,” she tearfully remembers. “He told us he was going to take the dog for a walk…and he never came back.”

She and her son were about to become homeless. With nowhere to go, she went to the only place she could and knocked on her mom’s door. She held a trash bag of clothes in one hand and her son Aidan in the other. She asked her mom, “Can we stay just a little while?”

Her mom let them stay temporarily, but Alecia and Aidan would soon have to find somewhere else to live. Feeling alone and terrified, Alecia started desperately searching for help.

Bridge Communities came to her rescue.

“Suddenly, my entire life changed,” Alecia remembers. “Finding Bridge was like freedom for my son and me. Bridge gave us the first step toward changing our lives by giving us a home.”

Initially, Alecia struggled to get her feet on the ground. Bridge’s mentors and counselors helped her become more confident and ready to tackle her challenges. “I’ve learned I really can do anything and I’m strong,” she says. Through employment coaching, Alecia successfully moved her part-time position to full-time, with benefits. Then, Alecia enrolled in school to earn an Administrative Assistant Certification!

“The most important skill I’ve learned is budgeting,” she says. “That gave me a sense of power and freedom, and it taught me to live within my means.  Now, I’m not living from paycheck to paycheck anymore.”

Alecia worked hard. She saved money and graduated from Bridge in two years.  This spring, she achieved her life-long goal of purchasing her own house. We couldn’t be prouder of her! She’s an amazing, determined young woman with a bright future ahead of her.

Bridge cannot help Alecia and hundreds of other homeless families without you.

“When you support Bridge, you can make the world a better place because it gives families a sense of freedom and confidence, and teaches us that we really can do anything,” Alecia says. “I want people to know that Bridge truly changes people’s lives.”

You have the power give homeless families a new start in life, and the life-changing gift of hope. Please consider giving to Bridge Communities, to help the next family just like Alecia and Aidan.


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