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You are a True Bridge Communities Hero

November 21, 2014

HeroLogoThis year, Bridge Communities has been all about honoring our heroes. We’ve highlighted many heroes – clients, volunteers, mentors, community partners – in our Annual Report. We’ve featured many of them right here in the Bridge Communities blog, on Facebook and Twitter, and in our letters to you.

And today, we want to thank the heroes behind-the-scenes: generous donors like you.

Without you, hundreds of families would not have homes.

Without you, hundreds of children would still be bouncing from school to school, struggling every day.

Without you, hundreds of parents would not have jobs to provide for their families.

Your heroic gift is key to the success of Bridge Communities families. Families including those of:

-Jill, who is in school to achieve her dream of becoming a nurse, and just got a part-time job as a patient care technician at a hospital
-Lisa, who obtained a job as an occupational therapy assistant, and now makes a life-changing $35/hour
-Lashonda, who will graduate with her medical assistant certification in April, and currently has a 4.0 GPA.

Because of your support, these families have bright, self-sufficient futures. Thank you!

Keep an eye on this blog–we will soon share with you the story of Alecia, another Bridge Communities hero whose life you transformed.


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