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In Heartwarming News from Bridge: The Story of Jax

November 14, 2014

The McDowell family is fostering Jax while his owners are in the Bridge Communities transitional housing program

When Lisa and her family were accepted into the Bridge Communities transitional housing program in June 2013, they were thrilled, excited and relieved to have a home again. However, in the midst of all their joy, there was one not-so-small detail they couldn’t overlook: their beloved border collie mix, Jax.

“He is our family too,” says Lisa. Because Bridge Communities can’t house pets, Lisa’s family needed to find a place for Jax to live over the following two years. But, Bridge volunteers stepped up to the plate to help. The Families Helping Families program partner group sent e-mails to their network to find a foster family for Jax, and Karen McDowell’s family rose to the occasion.

“Our dog had passed away two years before, our kids were older, and we had the right yard for a dog,” says Karen. “I knew this was a mom who was doing something to better herself and her kids’ lives, so I said we were willing to meet the family and the dog. Within five minutes, we knew we’d take care of Jax.”

The feeling was mutual for Lisa’s family. “The day we went to meet them, I knew this was the family to take care of him,” she says. “It just felt right.  I can never thank them enough for saving our dog from the shelter and treating us just as well.”

Lisa’s family goes over to visit Jax almost every week, and has an open invitation to see him. They have formed a strong bond with Karen and her family, too. “Karen has been my emergency contact for the kids, she has driven my daughter to dance, and picked up my son from school,” says Lisa. “Karen and her family have loved Jax and made him a part of their family.  They stepped up to do something so wonderful and that will never be forgotten.”

Once Lisa graduates from Bridge, we’re sure the relationship between the families will continue. “We’re hoping they stay in the area and we can visit them–and Jax, too!” says Karen.




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