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Extreme Makeover: Bridge Tutor Rooms Edition

August 5, 2014

Welcome to the new tutor rooms!

The tutor rooms in Bridge Communities’ buildings recently underwent an extreme makeover, thanks to the Windy City Project. Organized by Pastors Scott Gillan and Diana Shiflett of Naperville Evangelical Covenant Church, the Windy City Project utilized a team of more than 100 volunteers to raise funds and donate their time and talent to overhauling the tutor rooms at two Glen Ellyn and one Addison building.

NECC raised all the money needed, they provided all the manpower needed and all the supplies, including new IKEA furniture and paint, and built bookshelves and desks. They even included in the service project to update the adjoining laundry rooms in these buildings, and put in new bike racks as well.

Bridge Communities and the families thank the Windy City Project–this school year is now sure to be a success!

A heartfelt thank-you also goes to the Restoration Community Church. Because of their fundraising, Bridge was able to remodel a fourth tutor room this summer, at our Woodridge site. We appreciate it!


The laundry rooms were freshly painted and organized


New bike racks for clients


New desks, chairs and bookshelves, courtesy of the Windy City Project


In addition to the new furniture, the walls were freshly painted, too


Now, Bridge kids across the county have amazing learning environments


Thank you, Windy City Project!

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