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Our Heroes: Ellen and the Glendale Heights LRC Volunteers

May 12, 2014
LRC photo

Thank you to Ellen and the Glendale Heights LRC volunteers–you are truly making a difference!

For the past year and a half, Bridge volunteer Ellen Herman has helped coordinate children’s activities at the Glendale Heights Learning Resource Center (LRC)—and she couldn’t love it more. She found out about Bridge after raising her three kids, when she found herself with more time and wanted to get involved in the community.

“I came across Bridge Communities in my search, and it was a godsend,” Ellen says. “They told me they could really use a program coordinator for their Glendale Heights learning resource center. I started about November 2012, and it has been great ever since.”

The kids who attend programming at the LRC range from 7-12 years old, and an average of 7 kids come each week. Ellen says the group is only there for an hour and a half on Wednesday nights, but the time flies by! “I talk to the kids to find out what they want to do, because I want them to be excited about it,” she said. “We’re currently working on a puppet play. We brought in spoons, felt, and pipe cleaners to make the puppets. Yesterday we decorated them, and then we wrote the play together. Next week we’ll make the stage, and then we’ll make invitations to send to the parents.”

Ellen loves seeing the positive impact that Bridge LRC volunteers have on the kids. “There are a few children especially that I have seen such a difference in. Some of the kids were kind of ornery and would lash out at the other kids when they first came to Bridge. Now, I am 100% positive that due to the stability they have through the Bridge program, it’s made all the difference in their behavior. It’s just a win-win. They are so much happier overall, and Bridge is a huge part of that difference for them.”

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