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The 8th Joy of Giving

December 20, 2012

gift givingOh, the eighth joy of giving
to Bridge Communities
is tutoring to Bridge Kids
for free!

Tutoring for Bridge kids is priceless, but it’s gift you can afford.  Any donation, large or small, goes a long way in providing one-on-one tutoring to help a Bridge kid succeed in school.

Kids at Bridge Communities' Learning Resource Center

Kids at Bridge Communities’ Learning Resource Center

David was technically a third grader, but he was reading at a first grade level when his family entered Bridge’s Transitional Housing Program.  David got paired with Kristen, a kind-hearted yet firm tutor who was moved by David’s huge brown eyes.  The two quickly clicked and worked hard together on reading skills.  By the end of third grade, David was at grade level and exclaimed, “I love to read!”

Your gift to Bridge Communities ensures that every child who needs individual tutoring, just like David, gets it.  Success in education is one of Bridge kids’ most valuable weapons against the cycles of poverty and homelessness.

Please give to support Bridge Communities’ Tutoring Program.  Your donation will change the life of a child like David.

Thank you.

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