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A Mentor’s Perspective

July 19, 2012

People sometimes ask why our mentors give so much of their time to Bridge Communities’ client families, week after week.  We could answer that, but instead, here’s some perspective from Ann Wyant, a longtime mentor for Bridge Communities through Program Partner Glen Ellyn Bible Church.

What I love about Bridge…

Ann Wyant, Bridge Communities Mentor

Ann Wyant, Bridge Communities Mentor

I love the aspect of teaching a man to fish instead of just handing them out willy-nilly.  The accountability built into [Bridge Communities’ Transitional Housing Program] forces out those individuals who do not really want to change their path, but simply want the ‘goods’. 

Bridge offers every opportunity to change the cycle of poverty that so many get trapped in by investing in the person who wants to work, better their education, be self-sufficient, independent, and free from the bondage of debt. 

The specific focus on budgeting and debt reduction for the Bridge client is one of the unique keys that sets this program apart.

Ann Wyant
Mentor, Glen Ellyn Bible Church

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