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The Faith to Hope

July 16, 2012

A reflection from our Education Coordinator, Pam Howe.

Bridge Communities Education Coordinator Pam Howe

Pam Howe, Bridge Communities’ Education Coordinator

It was great therapy for me to re-evaluate my purpose at Bridge and the families we serve.

It made me think…what do I love about Bridge?  There are so many things I love about Bridge, but I kept asking myself, “What do I really love about our Program?”

The word that continued to be in the forefront of my thoughts was: HOPE

As a little girl, living in a single parent home in the late 1960’s was not trendy.  The television show The Brady Bunch was the model for having the perfect family…or what I thought was the ideal family.  I was constantly aware that my parental situation didn’t fit the mold, and our financial status was bleak.  But, I had hope that the situation was temporary. 

My mother had instilled in me the philosophy that if I wanted something just ask for it, and I did.  I always hoped for the answer I wanted; although that didn’t happen 100% of the time, I always hoped that someone would say yes!  At first, my requests centered around candy, staying up past bedtime, wearing make-up, getting rid of my sisters, going on a date, etc.  However, as maturity set in, I realized I could ask for bigger and better things, like asking my favorite teacher for math assistance.  I soon learned that hope was on my side!

Everyday, I try to recognize and embrace hope.  I think that was my attraction to Bridge…the program provides hope.  Hope to turn lives around, to believe, to desire or trust.  To continue to hope although the outlook doesn’t warrant it and overcome what appears to be impossible odds.  To have expectations and empower transformation through hope.

My sincere thank you is to everyone who has given back individuals the faith to hope.

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