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Pure Friendship

June 13, 2012
Best Friends

Best friends Stewart and David splash their way through a summer day

Is there anything quite like a perfect summer day?  Just ask best friends Stewart and David. The unlikely duo met through Bridge Communities’ Transitional Housing Program, where Stewart’s mom Jo mentors David’s mom Penny.  Penny, David, his little brother Decker and their two sisters were one of hundreds of homeless families in DuPage County that came to Bridge Communities to transform their lives. 

In just three months, the beginnings of that transformation are beautifully blossoming, most notably in the children.

David and Stewart come from very different backgrounds and live very different lives, but they don’t let any of that get in the way of their pure friendship.

“They absolutely adore each other,” remarks Vicky Joseph of Families Helping Families, the Program Partner organization that is sponsoring Penny’s family in Bridge Communities.  “All these boys see is each other’s hearts.  And in those hearts is boundless love for their best friends.  It’s a joy to watch these two together.”

As Penny and Jo meet weekly to discuss everything from finances and budgeting to meal planning and parenting, Stewart and David, along with their siblings, spend time together playing, reading, drawing, and most of all, laughing.

“These kids just adore each other!” Jo says.  “I’ve never seen a bond of friendship forged so quickly.”

This pure friendship is an example of the many unadvertised, unexpected, unplanned benefits of Bridge Communities’ Transitional Housing Program for homeless families in DuPage County.  The families in our Program know they will get shelter, mentoring, tutoring, and counseling, but they don’t know the joy that awaits as they embark on the journey to transform their lives.

Jacob, Steward, Jonas and Nicola at Cantigny Park

David, Stewart, Decker and Nicola at Cantigny Park

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