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Coins for a Cause

May 21, 2012
Coins For A Cause benefitting Bridge Communities

Olivia, Ashley, Abby and Molly hard at work raising money for homeless families in Bridge Communities

On Saturday, sisters Olivia and Ashley of Aurora, along with their friends Abby and Molly, held a lemonade stand during the neighborhood garage sale.  In the unusually blazing late May heat, the four young ladies raised $50 for Bridge Communities and changed it up for quarters for our client’s laundry.  They called their effort “Coins for a Cause.” 

The motivation came from Ashley, who learned about our clients’ need for quarters when she was at Good Shepherd pre-school; her youth group participated in Sleep Out Saturday and the pre-school held a coin and laundry product collection.  

It costs a Bridge client family $2.50 for each load of laundry – which is a huge expense for our clients. 

The young philanthropic entrepreneurs were kept very busy, as it was such a hot day.  The girls baked their own cookies, made lemonade, and Abby and Molly’s mom even borrowed a Sno-cone machine so the girls could sell Sno-cones.

Money raised through Coins For a Cause

Young philanthropists raise $50 in coins for Bridge Communities’ families to use to do laundry in coin-operated machines

THANK YOU Olivia, Ashley, Abby and Molly for your kindhearted creativity and generosity for Bridge Communities’ families!  We are so grateful for people like YOU!

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