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Reflecting on the Run

May 15, 2012

Sarah, Mark and YvonneBridge Communities was fortunate to be chosen as the charity partner for “The Run Like a Mother” 5K Race which took place in Hinsdale on Mother’s Day.  Started by a mother who formerly lived in Naperville with a passion for running, RLAM now has locations throughout the country. 

This non-runner decided to participate in order to have Bridge representation in the race.  What came out of that decision was so much more.  I asked my daughter, who is a runner, to join me as part of a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration. 

I slowly progressed in my “Couch to 5K” training program, each week having a bigger goal and slowly reaching my 3 mile mark.  Lots of people gave me encouragement along the way.  I had my own mentors who gave me tips and pointers.  

My biggest motivator however, was the moms in the Bridge Communities Program who definitely “run like mothers” each and every day. They run from home to daycare facilities, then to work, after work back to pickups at daycare, then home to provide supper for the family and then maybe back out again to a class and then back home only to start all over again the next day.  

Sarah, Joyce and Yvonne at Run Like A MotherMy goal of running a 5K was not a big deal. Their goal of making a better life for themselves and their children by “running like a mother” is really a big deal!   I look forward to each of them crossing that finish line.  What a high!

Joyce Hothan
Executive Director of Program

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