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The Most Wonderful Birthday Gifts

February 24, 2012

Sandy’s one of those people who just loves celebrating her birthday.  In fact, she’s renamed January “Sanuary” because she celebrates all month long, complete with a different celebratory activity each weekend.

This year, as Sanuary approached, Sandy thought about how she could celebrate differently this year.  She reached out to her family, friends and members of her church, inviting them to join her celebration by giving to moms in need.

Sandy's 17 baskets

Sandy's 17 baskets

Sandy’s friend, Yvonne, recently told her that moms in Bridge Communities’ Transitional Housing Program struggle to afford toiletries, since they are not covered in the food stamp program and are in short supply at the local food pantries.  Yvonne suggested to her small group at church (in which Sandy participates) that they consider collecting toiletries for 17 of the moms in Bridge’s Program who reside within Mission Church’s community.

Not only did Sandy like the idea, she jumped on it as fresh new way to celebrate Sanuary!  She sprang into action, purchasing 17 baskets.

Goodies awaiting assembly

Goodies awaiting assembly

“Instead of gifts this year for my birthday, I asked my family and friends for $10 to go towards purchasing these items,” Sandy says.  “I also asked them to go through their closets, cabinets, storage rooms and donate any new items” that they already had from the list Sandy gave them.  The items she collected included “shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, nail polish, nail files, nail polish remover, body sprays, bath salts, small candle, and lotions for body, hands and feet.”

Instead of a traditional birthday party, this year Sandy held a gift basket assembling party that she joyfully described as “female bonding time”!  Sandy’s church buddies, family members and close friends gathered to celebrate the gift of Sandy in their lives while creating gift baskets for the women whose lives she chose to bless this year.

A bounty of little blessings for homeless moms

A bounty of little blessings for homeless moms

Seventeen moms who are working hard to earn a living, reduce their debt, and save for their children’s future security got to celebrate Sandy’s birthday this year with the treat of much-needed pampering, thanks to the kindness of Sandy and her inner circle. 

Sandy ready to deliver a Sanuary gift basket

Sandy ready to deliver a Sanuary gift basket

Bridge Communities is extremely grateful for people like Sandy who open their hearts to generously and creatively help the moms and kids in Bridge’s Transitional Housing Program.  Thank you!

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