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When you think “Auto Show”, think “Auto Donation”!

February 17, 2012

Have you been to the Chicago Auto Show yet?  It runs until February 19, and I’ve heard great things so far.  The Auto Show is a great place to scope out your next new car.

Donate your car to help a homeless familyWhat will you do with your old car?  Here’s an idea – donate it to a Bridge client family in need!  Many homeless families enter Bridge Communities’ Transitional Housing Program without a car.  Those who do own a car usually own one that is in desperate need of major repairs or replacement.

If you donate your used car to Bridge Communities, you will be helping a mom get to and from work.  You will be helping her provide food and clothing for her kids.  You will be helping her and her kids cross the bridge from homelessness to a brighter future.

Donating your car to Bridge Communities is easy.  Simply contact Program Director Karen Stewart at or (630) 545-0610 ext. 17.  You can also find more information about Bridge Communities’ Auto Donation Program on our web site.

Thank you for considering donating your car to help brighten the future of a homeless family in Bridge Communities!

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