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Auto Donations Urgently Needed for Bridge Communities Families

November 1, 2011

Imagine being without a car.  How would you get to work?  Take the kids to and from school, daycare and activities?  Go grocery shopping?  Run errands?

Unfortunately, this is the dilemma many Bridge Communities’ client families are facing right now.  Currently, six families are in need of safe, reliable transportation.

“There has never been this much need before,” stresses Bridge Program Director Karen Stewart.  “We currently have six families in need of cars right now.”

Stewart explains that Bridge Communities almost never sells donated cars for cash; most cars donated to Bridge are thoroughly inspected and repaired by a local auto repair shop and are then given to Bridge families, who need safe, reliable transportation.  Only cars beyond reasonable repair are sold at auction, with the funds going to Bridge Communities.  Stewart adds that mechanics say people are keeping their cars longer and often “running them into the ground,” so fewer cars are being donated to organizations like Bridge Communities than in the past.

Bridge client families need to get to work to earn money and establish savings; they need to get their kids to and from school and activities to maintain stability in their otherwise stressful young lives; and they need to travel to the grocery store and Laundromat at least once a week.

Maybe you have an extra car in the garage that no one in your family uses.  Maybe a loved one recently passed and left you their vehicle.  Maybe you know a neighbor or friend who is preparing to purchase a new car.  Instead of selling them, those used cars could be donated to families who need them today.

Anyone interested in donating a car to Bridge Communities should contact Bridge Communities’ Program Director Karen Stewart at (630) 545-0610, ext. 17 or  Donations are tax deductible.

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