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September 23, 2011

Have you registered your group on Sleep Out Saturday’s online pledge site? It’s easy, and it’s fun! Just visit and click on “Register.”

5 Ways to Personalize Your SOS Pledge Page for Impact:

1. Choose a fun name for your group

2. Upload an image that captures your group’s personality

3. Write a special message to your donors about why Sleep Out Saturday is important to YOU

4. Enlist every member of your group to register as a Group Member and they can personalize their own fundraising page under the group’s page:

          a. As Group Leader you will receive an e-mail for you to accept each new group member.

          b. Encourage your Group Members to compete with each other for the highest on-line donations.

5. Challenge each member to set a fundraising goal higher than they’ve done in the past or, if they’ve never participated before, just higher than they think they can attain (set the bar high!)

Once you and your Group members have created your online SOS Pledge Page, use it! Email the link to your church members, family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Post it on Facebook. Write about it in your blog. Encourage everyone you know to read about your group’s participation in Sleep Out Saturday.

You can also include links to Sleep Out Saturday’s YouTube videos so your friends and family can hear first-hand about the impact Bridge Communities makes in people’s lives:

Got questions? Feel free to contact Jennie Gates anytime at (630) 545-0610 ext. 19 or

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