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Our Client Outcomes – 1 Year Post-Graduation

February 25, 2010

The primary focus of transitional housing is to assist homeless families in developing the skills they need to secure permanent housing and live self-sufficiently.  Self-sufficiency, for the purposes of Bridge Communities’ Transitional Housing Program, is defined as the ability to:

  • maintain permanent stable housing
  • maintain stable employment
  • ability to manage finances and budget
  • debt management

Results from the 2009 surveys strongly indicate that client families that complete the Program developed the skills necessary to live productive self-sufficiently.


100% of clients that exited the Program in the past year (who completed the survey), were able to maintain permanent, stable housing.

  • 61% subsidized housing
  • 28% fair market rental
  • 11% own a home


  • 88% of former clients were able to maintain stable employment.
  • 76% full-time
  • 12% part-time
  • 12% unemployed (1 full-time student)

Debt Management

  • 66% of former clients had not increased level of debt since they left the Program.
  • 34% debt increased – primarily due to home ownership, student loans
  • 33% debt remained stable
  • 22% debt decreased
  • 11% no debt

Continuing Education

  • 50% of former clients continued maintained current education level
  • 50%  continued to improve their education level
  1. 22% pursuing bachelor degree
  2. 17% earned specialized certification
  3. 6% pursuing masters degree
  4. 6% completed GED
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