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Tellabs Foundation Grants $18,000

February 20, 2010

Tellabs Foundation awarded Bridge Communities $18,000 to provide the capital improvements needed to install computer and internet networking in nine Bridge owned transitional housing apartment buildings.

Reliable internet service is critical to every member within the family as they work towards improving their education, employment and quality of life.  Through the generous gift from Tellabs Foundation, Bridge will be able to provide reliable internet services, at a very affordable rate, to many of the formerly homeless families served through our Transitional Housing Program.

Bridge has made the commitment to help each family receive a computer and underwrite internet costs to each of the apartment buildings.  But the current internet service is a patchwork of wireless routers and is unreliable and costly.   The network wiring project that Tellabs Foundation has funded will greatly improve on the service and decrease Bridge’s costs.  Internet services will help:

  • Children complete their homework
  • Parents conduct employment searches
  • Parents complete school work
  • Parents communicate with their children’s teachers, potential employers and conduct other business
  • Bridge tutors as they counsel the child or adult they are tutoring
  • Learning Resource Centers (located in 2 of the 9 proposed buildings) computer labs
  • Families stay in touch with family and friends and provide entertainment

In the Bridge Transitional Housing Program, client families transition from a state of dependency to self-sufficiency; they are stabilized in permanent, affordable housing, are able to maintain employment, children are performing at grade level and may well become the generation that breaks the cycle of poverty for their family.  These goals match the priorities set by the Tellabs Foundation with their dedication to improving educational opportunities and futures of our next generation of leaders.

Bridge Communities is grateful for the support that Tellabs Foundation has shown to the families we serve and their commitment to DuPage County non-profit agencies.

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