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Angela and David Share their Story with Dignity and Hope

December 28, 2009

Written by: Amy Van Polen

Bridge has been blessed to work with so many hardworking and hopeful families throughout the past 21 years.  Every now and again, we accept a family that is exceptional in their support of the Bridge program and want to share their story with everyone that will listen.  Angela and David do just that – and we are so grateful.

Angela and David have shared their story countless times (I have been blessed to have Angela by my side for many presentations and public speeches) and we are always thankful for the honesty and hopefulness they bring to everything they do.

The Daily Herald has just published a two part series about Angela and David.  It features in-depth their struggles to overcome senseless drug use, poor decisions and some bad luck.  But the real story is their never ending love for one another and that optimism that if someone (or organization) would just give them a chance, they could succeed.  Bridge has given them that chance and they are working very hard to learn everything they can so that they will achieve long-term housing and self-sufficiency.

We applaud Angela and David for their candidness and bravery to share their story so publicly.  And we hope that all the “reviewers” that so often speak/write before careful consideration, will reflect more on their own decisions and good fortunes.  It is not our responsibility to judge, but it is our responsibility to act to achieve change.

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