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November 5, 2009

Did you know that homeless students change schools, on average, 3 times per year?  With each school change 6-9 months of academic progress may be lost.

Bridge Communities recognized the need to help fill this gap over 15 years ago by creating a program that hires certified teachers to provide Bridge students with 2 hours of tutoring each week.  Tutoring takes place in the learning centers located in the apartment buildings where Bridge families reside, or in a library nearby.  Tutors help their students “catch up” and push ahead in reading, math, study skills, and homework completion.  They provide each student with the support, and guidance to empower them to succeed.

Adult students in Bridge also receive tutoring if needed.  This could include assistance with GED studies, math, vocabulary, English, nursing classes, etc.

As of November 1st, Bridge has 16 tutors, 27 students, and 5 adult students receiving tutoring. Right after the start of the school year, a student came up to me at one of our learning centers and said, “Barbara, when are you going to find me a tutor?” It’s wonderful for me to hear this. The support this student had been receiving really means something to this child, and she was being proactive in ensuring she would continue to receive the help she needs.

Over the 11 years that I have been coordinating the tutoring program at Bridge I have received many comments from both students and their parents about the importance of having these tutors.  One 8th grade student told me he had received an “A” for the first time in his life because of the help from his tutor.  Many parents ask me if tutoring will continue over the summer months.  The answer is always “yes,” as we would like the learning momentum to continue uninterrupted.  And it’s not just academic support our students receive.  With each tutor comes the absolute positive regard that a personal coach can provide.

If you or someone you know might be interested in this opportunity, please contact Barbara Trczinski, Education Coordinator, at

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