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July 2, 2009

Summer’s here!   The Bridge Communities children’s program completed the school year with 30 students receiving private tutoring from our team of certified teachers.  Each student received 2 hours of tutoring each week, and some are continuing their sessions with their tutor during the summer months….something that will keep that brain oiled and ready for the start of the next school year in September.  We also had seven of our moms receive tutoring for computer skills, medical math, vocabulary, English, GED preparation, and teacher certification courses.  Our tutors, both paid and volunteer, help to make a difference in the academic success and well-being of our client children and mothers.  Their dedication to their students is astounding.  Each time I attend a school staffing with one of our parents, I am showered with appreciations for the support our students receive from our tutors

Our Early Childhood Assessment Program assures that even our youngest clients receive our attention, also.  On Crabapple Court in Naperville, where we have four apartment buildings, five young children were connected to the Parents As Teachers program through District 203.  The parents of these children receive the benefits of vision, hearing, and developmental screenings as well as a monthly home visit and consultation with an early childhood educator.  

Our Learning Resource Centers in Glendale Heights and Naperville were open 2 nights each week during the past year.  This could not have been accomplished without the dedicated volunteers who supervise the center so the kids can enjoy the computers, games, and other activities that are provided for them.  The Naperville center continues to welcome children from our buildings through the summer months.

Our Summer Scholarship program is working overtime to match kids with day camp, overnight camp, family camp, basketball camp, football camp, teen leadership camp, swim team and child care to ensure our kids are engaged in meaningful activities during the summer.  Brianna just finished a week away at Covenant Harbor Camp in Geneva, WI.  It was the second year she attended and plans to go back again next year.

If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of homeless kids, as a tutor, volunteer, or contributor, please contact Barbara Trczinski, Education Coordinator:

Brianna (age 14) –

 “I want to go back to Covenant Harbor next year as a Jr. Counselor.  Wal-Camp was really different.  We spent the entire time living in a treehouse!  I was cold and afraid of spiders, but I really enjoyed the experience.  I made new friends who I talk to regularly…I have their numbers in my phone!”

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