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August 2008

September 23, 2008

As told by Shaunte’s case manager Karen:

Shaunte is preparing to graduate from the Bridge Communities transitional housing program. 

She applied and received a short-term housing voucher that provides her with a 3-bedroom town home in Bloomingdale.  The housing voucher has a 5 year time limit and requires her to pay 30% of her income to rent, plus utilities.  This is a wonderful “fit” for Shaunte.  She feels confident that within five years she will have gained even more financial security.  Specifically, her children will no longer require daycare and she will continue to increase her earnings and savings.

Shaunte is very excited to move into her new home and begin this new phase in her life.  Her home is in a safe neighborhood, a great school district and close to her work and support system. 

Shaunte really enjoys her work.  She is happy at the company she works for and more importantly, they are very pleased with her.  She continues to receive opportunities for advancement, earning more salary and increased responsibilities. 

Shaunte graduates from the Bridge program with a deep understanding of how to budget her income and expenses and save for her future.  She has even started college savings plans for her children.

Overall, Shaunte feels more confident about her actions and decisions.  She will be able to handle unexpected expenses and set backs.  She has a great support system that she can lean on for emotional and spiritual support.  Shaunte has become an advocate for her future and that of children. 

We are certain that Shaunte will navigate her future with confidence, grace and great success.

Please visit Shaunte’s blog again next month as we share an entry from Shaunte’s mentor team.

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