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Tips to guarantee fund-raising success:

October 5, 2007

– Promote your financial goal in your solicitations. If people know you are shooting for a stretch goal, they are more likely to help you with a stretch gift.

– Make a list of everyone you know. Think big and then, if you want, start to cut it down. But remember, you will be surprised at who will give if you only ask!

– Ask for persons to make a donation to your efforts in lieu of a holiday or birthday gift.

– Ask your parents to take the pledge form to their workplace. Write a small paragraph about your participation in Sleep Out and attached it to the pledge envelope.

– Take your pledge envelope around the neighborhood.

– Email your friends and family members with a request to donate. Sample letters can be found on the website. Add the link to our video that is posted on U-Tube and our website, in your email.

– In lieu of trick-or-treating for candy on Halloween; try to trick-or-treat for Sleep Out Saturday. Bring your pledge form and when they answer the door: “Trick-or-treat for Bridge Communities.” Where your Sleep Out Saturday t-shirt or hat.

– Do you attend a school with a dress code? Ask for a dress down day with a $2 donation to dress down. Add all the proceeds to your Sleep Out Saturday totals.

– Ask for persons to come over for a social gathering, show them the promotional video and ask them to contribute to your efforts.

– Look outside your church members/friends. They may already be supporting your transitional housing program.

– Send a follow-up letter/email after you Sleep Out. Add a picture of yourself with your yard sign and/or tent. Or if you don’t Sleep Out, add a picture of yourself at the Rally.

– Send a follow-up acknowledgement letter to everyone you asked – even if they did not contribute. Include how much you were able to raise and how it contributed to the pooled contributions from all our groups. Everyone will appreciate a follow-up and it will help increase your contributions for next year.

Remember that the process of trying to help and raise money is more important that the total amount raised. Don’t worry about the “Suggested Amount” and just have fun and try your best! Call Amy at (630) 545-0610, ext. 12 with any questions.

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