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Top 10 Reasons to Sleep Out Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

September 27, 2007

Just like David Letterman, we’ve created the Top 10 Reasons for Sleeping Out on Saturday, November 3, 2007:

10. It’s the best excuse you will ever have for a slumber party outside!
9. You and your friends can find ways to stay warm and cozy on a November night while getting a “taste” of what it means to be homeless.
8. You get to check out Matt Wilhelm, the very cool 3-time BMX bike X-game medalist, perform on his bike at the rally.
7. You will realize that there are too many kids that do not have a place to call home.
6. When your group raises $4,000 or more, your group is treated to a party at the new really cool Lucky Strikes Lanes in Lombard!
5. You can help stamp out the fact that the average age of a person who is homeless in DuPage County is eight years old.
4. You will cherish your own home even more after the Sleep Out.
3. You will have a better appreciation for what it means to be homeless and you will say to yourself “Nobody should be in a situation where they have no place to live!”
2. You will feel great about raising money to fight homelessness.

Because YOU can make a difference!! And that’s the greatest feeling on earth!

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